A Perspective from a Public Relations Practitioner

AliaI interviewed Alia Lamborghini, the regional vice president of Millennial Media, whose major responsibility is handling the public affairs of the company. At her young age she has extensive experience in global corporate communication and public relations. As a vice president she handles the public affairs and the internal communications of Millennial Media between United States, London and Singapore offices. A woman who is passionate about traveling to different countries to understand other cultures with the aim of learn how to communicate with the world “the more you are exposed to other cultures, the more you are able to relate with cross-cultural people.” For Lamborghini understanding how to communicate efficiently is the key for a successful public relations practitioner. As Muller (2011) reiterates “international marketers and advertisers must recognize the pervasive influence of culture” (p. 154)

Lamborghini has to daily exposure to local and global communications, as she believes as one of the most complex and necessary activities of human beings and organizations. Moreover, she is one of the six founders of Digital Divas. Digital Divas is a network that encourage women to learn, grown, and lead  in the digital marketing and advertising space,  looking to raise the role of women in a global digital environment. Digital Divas perform educational panels and networking events with professionals speakers, which are considered “Authentic Voices” in order to lead women into the digital marketing and advertising field.


Lamborghini studied Journalism and Public relations at University of Maryland. In 2002 when she got graduated she started working at advertising.com as an account manager. During the eight years working for that company Lamborghini continued with her educational training to help her excel in her work. A stage that Lamborghini refers as “the principle of the successful professional.” For Lamborghini, the first years of a recent graduate are very important because they define the career of each person, which is why even finished college people must continue educating themselves with the purpose of compete in the globalized world. Lamborghini states that this continued education led her become the regional vice president of Millennial Media.

Millennial Media is a mobile advertising and data platform that offers advertising for the mobile industry to worldwide mobile audiences. Through smart phones now companies can advertise and reach a desired audience at scales, across the world, and in minutes. Reaching audiences anytime and anywhere in the world, is one of the biggest advantages of the mobile industry. Lamborghini considered extremely important that “effective public relations practitioners delivers the right message to the right person at the right moment.” For this reason she considers important that public relations practitioners must be aware of the audience culture, in order to develop the right message. As Anholt (2000) said “advertising is not made of words, but made of culture” (p. 5)

                                                       Screenshot 2013-11-06 at 11.01.40 AM

Moreover, Lamborghini emphasized the importance of a global public relation practitioner to inculcate the philosophy of social responsibility in the organization. An organization will have stronger relationships with their publics when working for the development of the worldwide community. An organization can shape behaviors and human lives through social projects. In Millennial Media there is a very strong philosophy of social responsibility. During the year, employees volunteer for social causes and participate in social campaigns for the community. A global organization requires successful and socially responsible executives. Lamborghini thinks that the world can not think of leaders who are unaware to social issues and to the welfare of the community.

Lamborghini advises all public relations practitioners preparing for a global career to travel and experience other cultures. That the best way to respond to consumer needs is knowing them thoroughly. Understand and respect differences in culture allow communication to successfully accomplish its main objective. Moreover, Lamborghini advises that excellent global leaders have a huge social responsibility heart, who works for the welfare of the community.


Anholt, S. (2000). Another One Bites the Grass: The trouble with words. New York: John Wiley & Sons

Mueller, B. (2011). Dynamics of International Advertising: The cultural environment. New York: Peter Lang.


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